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Cash payments must be made to the driver at the beginning of the journey.
Any changes made now can result in a £30 admin fee.
Any payment made via cheque/ card should be made 2 weeks prior
Date of hire.
Limousine models subject to change, passengers will be advised in advance.
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Please note that once you have passed over your details you have
automatically entered into a contract with All Nations Limousines Limousines this is a European

Agreement for hire of chauffeur-driven car

1 The parties to this agreement are:

1.1 All Nations Limousines Limousines & You the Client

1.2 All Nations Limousines Limousines reserves the right to change the vehicle without prior
notification and to provide an alternative adequate replacement vehicle.

2.1 The expression ‘the Motor Car’ means the motor car described in the
Schedule below or a motor car of an
Equivalent specification.

2.2 The expression ‘the Contract Period’ means the period specified in the
Schedule below together with any other
Period when the Motor Car is at the disposal of the Customer.

3 The Contractor undertakes: to make the Motor Car available to the Customer
for the Contract Period together with the services of a duly licensed
driver; and to ensure that the Motor Car is duly licensed and insured and is
roadworthy and complies with the requirements of the Road Traffic Acts and
all regulations made under such Acts.

4) The Customer shall pay the Contractor for the use of the Motor Car and
driver at the rate provided in the Schedule below and in addition, the
Customer shall pay to the Contractor. Payment for hiring the vehicle must
be made prior to entering the vehicle, failure to do this could result in

6) The amount required to indemnify the Contractor against any claim
arising out of the custody or use of the Motor Car by the Customer in
pursuance of this agreement and any costs and expenses associated with such
a claim..

7) The cost of repairing any damage caused to the Motor Car or its
equipment and contents including but not
Limited to:-
I Breakages of glass wear
ii) Rips or tears to the seats and interior and any damage caused to the
exterior of the Motor car by any person
iii) Electrical damage for example to lights, DVD, plasma screens, stereo,
iv) A charge of £180-00p will be payable by the Customer in respect of any
cleaning required as a result of any person being sick in the Motor Car.
v) The Customer agrees that there will be no smoking by any occupant of the
Motor Car. Any contravention of this will incur an additional charge of £100
vi) Any damage cause to the vehicle which was provoked by the customer will
be the liability of the customer

8) The Contractor owes a duty of care to its employees. Any abuse or bad
behaviour by the Customer or his or her guests to wards the driver or any
other employee will not be tolerated and should it occur the Contractor
reserves the right to
i) Require any person causing problems to leave the Motor Car or
ii) Immediately terminate the contract. Should that occur the Customer will
be liable to immediately pay
the full cost of the contract.
iii) The Contractor and its employees may at their discretion bring either
civil or criminal proceedings.

9) Once this contract is entered into no refunds will be made in the case
of cancellation by the Customer or change of journey.
9.1 Once booking details are made you have entered into a contract
and will be liable for all cost if any changes are made or cancelled.

10) The Motor Car shall be at the Customer’s disposal during the Contract
Period for the carriage of the Customer and (subject to the carrying
capacity of the Motor Car not being exceeded) the Customer’s nominees.
Provided that the Motor Car shall not be used otherwise than on public roads
except on a private driveway leading to a dwelling house or place of public
resort and being of a reasonable standard.

11) The Customer shall not require the Contractor or the driver of the Motor
Car to break or use the Motor Car so as to break any provision of the Road
Traffic Acts the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 the Vehicle Excise and
Registration Act 1994 and any regulations made under such Acts.

12) The Contractor’s liability in respect of any failure to provide any
services under this agreement shall be limited to the amount of the hire
charge payable to the Contractor in respect of the period of such failure.
The Contractor shall not be liable for any pecuniary or consequential loss
allegedly arising from any breach of this agreement by the Contractor.

13) The Contractor will not be liable for delays arising from traffic, road
works or other matters out of the Contractors control. Any hire time over
and above the original agreed time shall be charged for on a pro rate basis.



I Agree to the above terms and conditions and give authority to
All Nations Limousines to charge my credit card for any further cost which may apply
with this contract

Part I
Identity of the Motor Car
Part II
Contract Period
Part III
Hire charges

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